World Heritage Hotel Istanbul

The first hotel in Istanbul we will be looking at today is the World Heritage Hotel. The World Heritage Hotel in Istanbul is a newly constructed building that was placed at the heart of the Old City, and the main feature is that it is only seconds away from some of the city’s biggest attractions such as the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar and Islamic Art Museum. There are many other attractions and tourist sites within the area too such as the Little Hagia Sofia. This is the main selling point for the Hotel as the location is possibly the best in the city in terms of tourist sites for visitors.

The second main attraction and unique selling point (USP) for the hotel is that it is their mission to make you feel comfortable and at home. They feel that as a hotel it is their responsibility to ensure that their valued guests not only feel comfortable but also feel at ease around their environment and surroundings during their stay. They claim to take great care and provide world class hospitality through their friendly and helpful staff. One of the main things about this hotel is that the amount of rooms is very small compared to relative hotels in the area. They offer a total of 10 standard rooms, 6 “superior” rooms, 2 triple rooms and 2 ground floor rooms for families. In total, that is a relatively small number of rooms for hotels in Istanbul and they are competing with hotels that can provide many more rooms to many more customers, meaning that the high-quality customer service will be the main standout feature for anyone that is staying inside the hotel.

As a hotel, they have also won a number of awards. One of the awards that they have won is the Certificate of Excellence in 2015 by Trip Advisor, and then winning that same award in 2016. They also won the Traveller’s choice award 2016 from trip advisor too. As awards go, these are great ones to win to attract potential customers into your hotel. Trip Advisor is considered a really great aggregate review site for hotels and countries, so they have done well to win those awards.

Now we want to take a look at some of the hotels available rooms that they offer to customers. The standard single room offers a double bed which is suitable for 1 guest, and the room size is a total of 17 square metres. They offer a variety of amenities such as Air Conditioning, Bathroom, Cable Channels, City View, Flat Screen TV, Hairdryers, Minibar, Linen and more. The second room that we will describe is the superior double or twin room, which is for a total of 2 guests and has a room size of 22 metres squared. In terms of amenities however, they offer the same as the standard double room. I believe that in general, it is relatively the same room with a little bit of added size and to be advertised for two as opposed to a lone traveller.

The next toom that we want to look at is the economy quadruple room, which as you could probably tell by the name is designed for a group of 4. They offer 2 single beds and 1 double bed in a room the size of 29 metres squared. While they offer the same basic amenities as the other hotels rooms, they do have a few added features such as free toiletries, a wake-up service, satellite channels and even soundproofing. This is a room that is clearly designed for some that may stay up later than most and families.

In total, the hotel itself looks and seems really nice. The hotel in terms of its architecture is really nice, and the building itself is designed by a great architect. If you have enjoyed todays blog post or any of the other recent posts we have made, please let me know as your comments are always welcome!