Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul

The next hotel we will be looking at on Hotels of Istanbul is the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul. The Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul is part of the Four Seasons hotel franchise that is world famous and in many places around the world. The Four Season Hotel Istanbul is – as they describe it – a one of a kind luxury hotel that is placed in Istanbul’s oldest district. By that, you can guarantee that the hotel is in the same location as many of hotels that we have looked at here in this blog. Just like the rest of hotels we have taken a look at here in this blog, the hotel itself is situated next to many of Istanbul’s famous and oldest landmarks such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia.

One of my issues with Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul is that it suffers from the same serious issue that some of the other hotels we looked at suffer. The website for the hotel is shockingly subpar, being just a page on the Four Seasons website overall. That makes it not only difficult to navigate throughout the website, but it also makes it different to use the website efficiently. We are in a day and age where selling yourself online is incredibly important for everyone, and you do not have to be experienced to take advantage of the benefits the internet brings both businesses and customers. But being very lazy with your website design and ensuring that it would be difficult for those who would otherwise book the hotel.

Brick and Data buildings

Within the digital age that we live in, half of what sells your products or services are your website and your web presence. Just as a building that is constructed beautifully is attracting and alluring to help you to sell your product, the same is said for a website as it is your online building. And although the building itself is very attractive and I will discuss that more, I must say that if your online presence and website build is ugly, then everyone will think that the product or service that you provide is just as ugly.

I want to talk a bit about the architectural build and design of the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul itself. The building is definitely one of the best constructions in the entirety of the Istanbul selection of hotels and it is by far the best building that I have had the pleasure to see. The building itself is built to be a huge white mansion, almost resembling the wings of the white house. They also build a giant fountain placed in front of the entrance of the Four Seasons Hotel, and they also have a smaller fountain at the back of the hotel. It is also built on the waterfront of the city, to allow for the most scenic of views to be seen away from the landmarks. A giant white building, it is one that will definitely stand the test of time.

I also want to say a big thank you to a group of builders in Manchester company Manchester Loft Converters, as they have provided the insight to all of the architectural reviews within this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed todays blog and enjoy future posts too!

Hotel Neorion

Here at Hotels of Istanbul, the importance of quality hotels in terms of both the service and amenities that they provide and the architecture of the building itself is really important to us. Over the past few weeks we have been able to review and identify many hotels within Istanbul that are both good and bad, and today we will be looking at Neorion Hotel. The hotel itself is named after one of the grand Byzantium ports of the past, and the hotel holds an overall amount of 30 guest rooms. They offer a variety of additions to the guests themselves such as a Turkish bath, cultural library, a sauna, swimming pool and even what they class as museum quality decorations. They also sell their lobby as a living room that people are able to relax inside as opposed to a lobby strictly for access.

The room types that they offer are the same as the majority of hotels in the Istanbul area. What I really love about the Hotel Neorion is some of the features that are included within the hotel. Each guest room as the same amenities for the most part, but the beauty goes beyond that. Each room has a wooden finish to both the floors and the panels on the wall, and it makes the room come to life and at the same time, offering a relaxing atmosphere. Each room also has what I believe to be a print of a large painting hanging above the bed of every room. The large art hanging over the beds of the guests is actually what makes the room really come to life, and it is both striking and sharp.

The rooms the hotel offers

They offer a single room which is for one guest, providing a TV and a double bed. This is a room that is designed for a single guest and it more than fits enough for what the guests will need. Twin rooms come with the same features, but instead have two single beds as opposed to one double. They also offer a family room which houses 4 single beds as opposed to the 2 single beds others may need, and the last room that they offer is the Deluxe room. The difference between the Deluxe room and the others are the ottoman in the corner, but the room itself is larger and holds a balcony also.

The last thing that I want to talk about on my blog post in regards to Neorion is the building itself. The architecture and design of the Neorion is what sets it apart both from the hotels that we have already reviewed in Istanbul but also the hotels we have yet to. The building follows the same basic principle as the rest, with a long thin building that stands tall above the other surrounding buildings. What makes the building really stand out however is the arches that surround the windows. They are blue tiled arches that make the building come to life.

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Mercure Hotel Istanbul Taksim

Here at Hotels of Istanbul, we regularly feature some of the best hotels in the city of Istanbul by both the services and rooms that they offer, and the architecture and the building itself. The hotel that we will be looking at today is the Mercure Hotel Istanbul Taksim, which is named after the square it is built around. The city itself is quite a marvellous one, and if you have read any of the previous blog posts from the last few days you will know just some of the landmarks and places of attention in Istanbul. The Mercure hotel is surprisingly the first hotel that we have looked at so far which doesn’t have its building located in the same road. What Mercure Istanbul sells itself on is how close it is to other attractions such as Istikal Street, the Bosphorus and other attractions.

One thing that does bother me right off the bat for this hotel is the lack of website that it has. Because Mercure itself is a hotel chain, it has hotels all around the world. Istanbul is just one of the hotels that is under the Mercure chain, and because chain likes to do things their own way, we see a lack of a valid or useful website for the Mercure Istanbul hotel. When we discuss buildings and the architecture, one of the things that we always ensure to note is the build itself.

The building must be built on strong foundations, and it must serve to do everything that it provides. The bedrooms must be fully fitted, and the kitchens must be correctly fitted. The showers and the toilets have to work and there must be running water. There needs to be electricity running though out the building. The same can be said for the architecture of a website, and quite frankly the Mercure Hotel Istanbul really lets us down in this aspect. The website is so informal and uninviting that if you are looking for a hotel and you stumble across this one online, nothing of the site itself screams welcoming, and instead screams to stay away.

The Building’s Architecture

What I do want to say is that the building itself looks beautiful. If you have ever seen one of the Las Vegas hotels, or the old 70’s and 80’s hotels from Miami, you will see the inspiration behind this building. I actually am in love with the design of the buildings architecture. It is in essence a large square block and does not try to be innovative in shape, but both the large white walls mixed with the black balcony dividers are such an attractive and sexy look that it is hard to not find the building itself to be beautiful.

One of the things that the website designer of Mercure should have had in mind is the beauty of the Mercure Istanbul compared to the ugly sight that is the website. When you look at both you can see on one hand, a modern marvel and a building that is both sleek and sexy, and with the other a modern tragedy that needs to be reconciled before the hotel itself can be considered seriously by consumers who use the internet for information.

White House Hotel Istanbul

At Hotels of Istanbul, we are dedicated to bringing you the best of the hotels in Istanbul from the room and what they offer, to the design of the hotels themselves. The next hotel we will be looking at in this blog is the White House Hotel Istanbul. Just as the previous hotels that we have looked at, the White House Hotel Istanbul is located at the heart of the city of Istanbul, and the same as the other hotels is within walking distance to the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, the Hippodrome and many others.

I believe that all three hotels are situated on the same peninsula (and probably next to each other!), with all of their main selling points being that they are a walk away from the famous landmarks of the city itself. They pride themselves on being so close to the landmarks of the city itself, and any other endless historical sites and attractions that surround themselves.

This is also the first of the hotels that I have reviewed that have discussed the architecture of the building itself. The hotel believes that the architecture is both the perfect mix between the east and the west, and it also offers cultural characteristics that you would expect to find within the city itself.

They also say that the façade of the hotel itself is also designed to match the Roman architectural concepts of the past, and the interior of the hotel itself to offer a classical concept that is meant to resemble the Ottoman architecture of the past.


When looking at the exterior of the hotel myself, there are a few things that I can’t help myself to mention. Firstly, it looks like a replica of the first hotel that we reviewed on this blog in the World Heritage Hotel Istanbul. It is a 4 floored, relatively slim building that is white bricked and stands relatively tall. However, the second similarity is with the Hotel Amira.

Just like the Hotel Amira Istanbul, the White House Hotel Istanbul uses large pink lights to brighten up the hotel to make it stand out more from the crowd, making it easier to see. I’m not sure how I feel about the similarities of the hotels, but I also assume that these buildings were not made with hotels being their end goal. Either way, the hotels do indeed stand out and the White House Hotel Istanbul does well in mixing classical features with newer, modern additions.

Something else to note about the hotel is the use of a roof garden. Like the Hotel Amira, the White House Hotel Istanbul offers a roof garden that I believe to be designed to be a restaurant as opposed to a relaxation area.

The roof garden itself is mostly covered up by a roof (which defeats the purpose), and there is a small area on the furthest side that is exposed to the air. I don’t agree with this design concept, as it doesn’t make use of what a roof garden really is. But the design of the garden and the additions to it are very attractive.

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Hotel Amira Istanbul

The next site that we will be looking at today on Hotels of Istanbul is the Hotel Amira Istanbul. The Hotel Amira Istanbul is a hotel that is situated at the heart of the capital city. One of the main selling points of the hotel is that it is situated next to a lot of the older landmarks of the city such as the Hagia Sophia. Just like the previous hotel that was discussed (The World Heritage Hotel) it is also close to the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and many other attractions. The Hotel Amira Istanbul also announces itself as a boutique hotel, and they offer a total of 32 different rooms within the hotel.

Hotel Amira Istanbul

Within the 32 rooms some of the attractions of the hotel is the visco mattresses that they offer, as well as handmade ceiling paintings and even high-tech amenities within the hotel. They also pronounce themselves to have all types of things such as a world famous cordial guest service and a complimentary buffet breakfast. Other things are a business corner that features an iMac for customers to use, free wifi access (but does not specify if this is all around the hotel or just in a certain spot or place), and even a wellness centre that has a massage service, sauna, gym and even a jacuzzi.

The actual building itself is quite a conservative marvel of a building really. It almost has two different designs when looking at the top and bottom halves. The bottom half of the hotel has almost a San Francisco home type of style to it which is a very popular building type within the world these days, as it is a very appealing and attractive look. The second half of the hotel looks a bit of a different building. It seems more of a hotel vibe, with large pink lights to light the walls of the building to make it stand out from the rest of the buildings along the area. It is also built within a slope so the building almost looks like it is submerging within the ground.

The top half of the building also looks very attractive for a hotel. With white painted walls and large glass doors for balcony’s, they also feature a small black game within each of the hotels window doors to keep children and others safe. At the top of the building (on the top of the roof) they also boast a jacuzzi, and a seating area for those to enjoy the summer sun or the evenings breeze when needing to cool down. These are semi circled chairs that just looking at seem really cosy, comfortable and quite relaxing. The roof itself also acts as a bar and a drinking area and because of the way the building is designed, it also allows easy roof access as well as a large space to relax in the evening.

The hotel also overlooks the sea surrounding Istanbul, and the Hotel Amira of Istanbul looks like a very attractive hotel to stay just by looking at, let alone visiting. It seems like a very attractive hotel and a very cost and homely hotel for all to use and visit. I hope you have enjoyed last night’s blog post and I hope todays has been just as informative. We enjoy looking at the hotels of Istanbul and hopefully you’ll enjoy tomorrows blog just as much!