Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul

The next hotel we will be looking at on Hotels of Istanbul is the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul. The Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul is part of the Four Seasons hotel franchise that is world famous and in many places around the world. The Four Season Hotel Istanbul is – as they describe it – a one of a kind luxury hotel that is placed in Istanbul’s oldest district. By that, you can guarantee that the hotel is in the same location as many of hotels that we have looked at here in this blog. Just like the rest of hotels we have taken a look at here in this blog, the hotel itself is situated next to many of Istanbul’s famous and oldest landmarks such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia.

One of my issues with Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul is that it suffers from the same serious issue that some of the other hotels we looked at suffer. The website for the hotel is shockingly subpar, being just a page on the Four Seasons website overall. That makes it not only difficult to navigate throughout the website, but it also makes it different to use the website efficiently. We are in a day and age where selling yourself online is incredibly important for everyone, and you do not have to be experienced to take advantage of the benefits the internet brings both businesses and customers. But being very lazy with your website design and ensuring that it would be difficult for those who would otherwise book the hotel.

Brick and Data buildings

Within the digital age that we live in, half of what sells your products or services are your website and your web presence. Just as a building that is constructed beautifully is attracting and alluring to help you to sell your product, the same is said for a website as it is your online building. And although the building itself is very attractive and I will discuss that more, I must say that if your online presence and website build is ugly, then everyone will think that the product or service that you provide is just as ugly.

I want to talk a bit about the architectural build and design of the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul itself. The building is definitely one of the best constructions in the entirety of the Istanbul selection of hotels and it is by far the best building that I have had the pleasure to see. The building itself is built to be a huge white mansion, almost resembling the wings of the white house. They also build a giant fountain placed in front of the entrance of the Four Seasons Hotel, and they also have a smaller fountain at the back of the hotel. It is also built on the waterfront of the city, to allow for the most scenic of views to be seen away from the landmarks. A giant white building, it is one that will definitely stand the test of time.

I also want to say a big thank you to a group of builders in Manchester company Manchester Loft Converters, as they have provided the insight to all of the architectural reviews within this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed todays blog and enjoy future posts too!