Hotel Amira Istanbul

The next site that we will be looking at today on Hotels of Istanbul is the Hotel Amira Istanbul. The Hotel Amira Istanbul is a hotel that is situated at the heart of the capital city. One of the main selling points of the hotel is that it is situated next to a lot of the older landmarks of the city such as the Hagia Sophia. Just like the previous hotel that was discussed (The World Heritage Hotel) it is also close to the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and many other attractions. The Hotel Amira Istanbul also announces itself as a boutique hotel, and they offer a total of 32 different rooms within the hotel.

Hotel Amira Istanbul

Within the 32 rooms some of the attractions of the hotel is the visco mattresses that they offer, as well as handmade ceiling paintings and even high-tech amenities within the hotel. They also pronounce themselves to have all types of things such as a world famous cordial guest service and a complimentary buffet breakfast. Other things are a business corner that features an iMac for customers to use, free wifi access (but does not specify if this is all around the hotel or just in a certain spot or place), and even a wellness centre that has a massage service, sauna, gym and even a jacuzzi.

The actual building itself is quite a conservative marvel of a building really. It almost has two different designs when looking at the top and bottom halves. The bottom half of the hotel has almost a San Francisco home type of style to it which is a very popular building type within the world these days, as it is a very appealing and attractive look. The second half of the hotel looks a bit of a different building. It seems more of a hotel vibe, with large pink lights to light the walls of the building to make it stand out from the rest of the buildings along the area. It is also built within a slope so the building almost looks like it is submerging within the ground.

The top half of the building also looks very attractive for a hotel. With white painted walls and large glass doors for balcony’s, they also feature a small black game within each of the hotels window doors to keep children and others safe. At the top of the building (on the top of the roof) they also boast a jacuzzi, and a seating area for those to enjoy the summer sun or the evenings breeze when needing to cool down. These are semi circled chairs that just looking at seem really cosy, comfortable and quite relaxing. The roof itself also acts as a bar and a drinking area and because of the way the building is designed, it also allows easy roof access as well as a large space to relax in the evening.

The hotel also overlooks the sea surrounding Istanbul, and the Hotel Amira of Istanbul looks like a very attractive hotel to stay just by looking at, let alone visiting. It seems like a very attractive hotel and a very cost and homely hotel for all to use and visit. I hope you have enjoyed last night’s blog post and I hope todays has been just as informative. We enjoy looking at the hotels of Istanbul and hopefully you’ll enjoy tomorrows blog just as much!