Hotel Neorion

Here at Hotels of Istanbul, the importance of quality hotels in terms of both the service and amenities that they provide and the architecture of the building itself is really important to us. Over the past few weeks we have been able to review and identify many hotels within Istanbul that are both good and bad, and today we will be looking at Neorion Hotel. The hotel itself is named after one of the grand Byzantium ports of the past, and the hotel holds an overall amount of 30 guest rooms. They offer a variety of additions to the guests themselves such as a Turkish bath, cultural library, a sauna, swimming pool and even what they class as museum quality decorations. They also sell their lobby as a living room that people are able to relax inside as opposed to a lobby strictly for access.

The room types that they offer are the same as the majority of hotels in the Istanbul area. What I really love about the Hotel Neorion is some of the features that are included within the hotel. Each guest room as the same amenities for the most part, but the beauty goes beyond that. Each room has a wooden finish to both the floors and the panels on the wall, and it makes the room come to life and at the same time, offering a relaxing atmosphere. Each room also has what I believe to be a print of a large painting hanging above the bed of every room. The large art hanging over the beds of the guests is actually what makes the room really come to life, and it is both striking and sharp.

The rooms the hotel offers

They offer a single room which is for one guest, providing a TV and a double bed. This is a room that is designed for a single guest and it more than fits enough for what the guests will need. Twin rooms come with the same features, but instead have two single beds as opposed to one double. They also offer a family room which houses 4 single beds as opposed to the 2 single beds others may need, and the last room that they offer is the Deluxe room. The difference between the Deluxe room and the others are the ottoman in the corner, but the room itself is larger and holds a balcony also.

The last thing that I want to talk about on my blog post in regards to Neorion is the building itself. The architecture and design of the Neorion is what sets it apart both from the hotels that we have already reviewed in Istanbul but also the hotels we have yet to. The building follows the same basic principle as the rest, with a long thin building that stands tall above the other surrounding buildings. What makes the building really stand out however is the arches that surround the windows. They are blue tiled arches that make the building come to life.

If you have enjoyed the post today and can’t want to hear more about the Hotels of Istanbul, stay tuned or comment now and let me know what you think! We have spoken about many other hotels and will continue to do so to give you the information you need to know!