Mercure Hotel Istanbul Taksim

Here at Hotels of Istanbul, we regularly feature some of the best hotels in the city of Istanbul by both the services and rooms that they offer, and the architecture and the building itself. The hotel that we will be looking at today is the Mercure Hotel Istanbul Taksim, which is named after the square it is built around. The city itself is quite a marvellous one, and if you have read any of the previous blog posts from the last few days you will know just some of the landmarks and places of attention in Istanbul. The Mercure hotel is surprisingly the first hotel that we have looked at so far which doesn’t have its building located in the same road. What Mercure Istanbul sells itself on is how close it is to other attractions such as Istikal Street, the Bosphorus and other attractions.

One thing that does bother me right off the bat for this hotel is the lack of website that it has. Because Mercure itself is a hotel chain, it has hotels all around the world. Istanbul is just one of the hotels that is under the Mercure chain, and because chain likes to do things their own way, we see a lack of a valid or useful website for the Mercure Istanbul hotel. When we discuss buildings and the architecture, one of the things that we always ensure to note is the build itself.

The building must be built on strong foundations, and it must serve to do everything that it provides. The bedrooms must be fully fitted, and the kitchens must be correctly fitted. The showers and the toilets have to work and there must be running water. There needs to be electricity running though out the building. The same can be said for the architecture of a website, and quite frankly the Mercure Hotel Istanbul really lets us down in this aspect. The website is so informal and uninviting that if you are looking for a hotel and you stumble across this one online, nothing of the site itself screams welcoming, and instead screams to stay away.

The Building’s Architecture

What I do want to say is that the building itself looks beautiful. If you have ever seen one of the Las Vegas hotels, or the old 70’s and 80’s hotels from Miami, you will see the inspiration behind this building. I actually am in love with the design of the buildings architecture. It is in essence a large square block and does not try to be innovative in shape, but both the large white walls mixed with the black balcony dividers are such an attractive and sexy look that it is hard to not find the building itself to be beautiful.

One of the things that the website designer of Mercure should have had in mind is the beauty of the Mercure Istanbul compared to the ugly sight that is the website. When you look at both you can see on one hand, a modern marvel and a building that is both sleek and sexy, and with the other a modern tragedy that needs to be reconciled before the hotel itself can be considered seriously by consumers who use the internet for information.