White House Hotel Istanbul

At Hotels of Istanbul, we are dedicated to bringing you the best of the hotels in Istanbul from the room and what they offer, to the design of the hotels themselves. The next hotel we will be looking at in this blog is the White House Hotel Istanbul. Just as the previous hotels that we have looked at, the White House Hotel Istanbul is located at the heart of the city of Istanbul, and the same as the other hotels is within walking distance to the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, the Hippodrome and many others.

I believe that all three hotels are situated on the same peninsula (and probably next to each other!), with all of their main selling points being that they are a walk away from the famous landmarks of the city itself. They pride themselves on being so close to the landmarks of the city itself, and any other endless historical sites and attractions that surround themselves.

This is also the first of the hotels that I have reviewed that have discussed the architecture of the building itself. The hotel believes that the architecture is both the perfect mix between the east and the west, and it also offers cultural characteristics that you would expect to find within the city itself.

They also say that the façade of the hotel itself is also designed to match the Roman architectural concepts of the past, and the interior of the hotel itself to offer a classical concept that is meant to resemble the Ottoman architecture of the past.


When looking at the exterior of the hotel myself, there are a few things that I can’t help myself to mention. Firstly, it looks like a replica of the first hotel that we reviewed on this blog in the World Heritage Hotel Istanbul. It is a 4 floored, relatively slim building that is white bricked and stands relatively tall. However, the second similarity is with the Hotel Amira.

Just like the Hotel Amira Istanbul, the White House Hotel Istanbul uses large pink lights to brighten up the hotel to make it stand out more from the crowd, making it easier to see. I’m not sure how I feel about the similarities of the hotels, but I also assume that these buildings were not made with hotels being their end goal. Either way, the hotels do indeed stand out and the White House Hotel Istanbul does well in mixing classical features with newer, modern additions.

Something else to note about the hotel is the use of a roof garden. Like the Hotel Amira, the White House Hotel Istanbul offers a roof garden that I believe to be designed to be a restaurant as opposed to a relaxation area.

The roof garden itself is mostly covered up by a roof (which defeats the purpose), and there is a small area on the furthest side that is exposed to the air. I don’t agree with this design concept, as it doesn’t make use of what a roof garden really is. But the design of the garden and the additions to it are very attractive.

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